These are awesome. I first had them at Pam Pam’s Cupcake shop in Brunswick, GA. It was a brownie cupcake with chocolate chip cookie on top. Then I was at Wal-Mart looking for discounted baked goods. They had some too. Theirs were bars, like normal brownies, not cupcakes.

I had been craving something like this for a while now, and it gave me a chance to use up some more of my leftover chocolate chips from when I bought way too many  for the cake pops. (See Red Velvet Cookies for that story)

I was a little disappointed when I realized that, after staying up late Tuesday night to make these, I left them at home when I left for my shift on Wednesday. But I left the container closed, they’ll be fine for Friday’s shift. I made these in my new mini muffin pans. I used the recipe as is, and made about 80 brownies with cookie on top, and the remaining cookie dough made about 16 cups with no brownie. I baked them for 15 minutes, which was pretty much perfect.