These are always a hit. They’ve been my favorite Halloween party food since we started having Halloween parties when I was a kid. We had the best Halloween parties. I had to fight pretty hard to get off work to go to the party this year, but I made these to take with me. I found a recipe that used Butterfingers in it. I was intrigued, so I decided to make them instead of the plain ones. They were amazing.

I like to make things to bring in on holidays, to lighten the mood that we have to work on a holiday. I didn’t use raisinets when I brought them to work, I just used chocolate chips for the pupils. I did use them for the ones I took to my mom’s house, and they’re awesome either way. I just wasn’t sure if everyone liked raisins. I love them, personally, but not everyone does.


Anyway, here’s the link to the recipe that I used: